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" could cost up to $250,000 dollars just to get the first single played on (Top 40) radio..." - Music attorney read more

Lure Records is an artist-driven label with world-wide distribution through major vendors. We help you, the artist, promote yourself with your own resourses, using our established network of contacts in the industry. We work with well-known talent as well as rising, future stars of the music industry. As we are a service provider for recording and performing artists, we offer consultations as to how to best formulate a budget, on an individual basis, utilizing your resourses to maximize the quality of product, promotions, airplay and charts strategy to best suit the artist. The artist may assume the amount of risk for which he/she is comfortable, thus controlling his/her own destiny. Most people know by now that you "get what you pay for," and want to know exactly what that is. We provide that vehicle, the "how to get you there," and show you why and how it all works. You cover the costs, and you make 100% of the profits. We simply provide you with access to the same promotional network as the majors. The advantages weigh heavily in favor of the artist here, as recoupment is but a fraction of what a "traditional major" would demand from their accounting department. The benefits of being able to launch a career as a breakthrough premier artist, while retaining creative and financial control used to be unheard of in this industry. It's a whole new ball game. You may be surprised to discover how affordable it is to compete head-to-head with the major stars. We help you make it happen. You could be the next big star. This is for serious musicians looking to make their own career, and it works. This is the new "record deal." 

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